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A Big Family’s 12 Days of Christmas Video

December 12, 2011


What is it like having a large family? Susan and Ken Von say that every time they go grocery shopping, they can’t get very far without someone making a comment about their family’s size.

Everything they sing about in this video is what my husband and I (We have nine children) get asked many times over…often from strangers! I’m so impressed that the Vons were able to get their kids to sing this song without the little ones fighting! I need to take some parenting lessons from them!

The comments from strangers that frustrate me the most:

  • “You must be Catholic.”
  • “Are you having more?”

A personal question that my husband and I hear a lot that the Vons didn’t mention (We think it’s kind of funny):

  • “Did you have all these kids with the same husband/wife?”

Some of the nice things that strangers say to us in public (which make my day!):

  • “You are one lucky mom!”
  • “You kids are so lucky to have each other!”
  • “What a great family you have! You’re doing a super job!”
  • “Children are a blessing!”

Take a moment from the hustle and bustle of Advent, and enjoy this video:

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