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Run of ‘Vito Bonafacci’ extended another week

August 31, 2011


Paul Borghese stars in a scene from the movie "Vito Bonafacci." (CNS photo/Cavu)

The Catholic movie, “Vito Bonafacci,” currently showing at AMC Theatres in Maple Grove, did so well during its Aug. 26 to Sept. 1 run that it is being held over for another week. The story of Vito, a lapsed Roman Catholic in spiritual crisis, will now be showing through Sept. 8.

Showtimes for Sept. 2 through Sept. 8 are daily at 11:30 a.m., 2:15 p.m., 4:50 p.m., 7:20 p.m., 9:45 p.m.

AMC Arbor Lakes 16 is located at 12575 Elm Creek Blvd., in Maple Grove — north of the I-94/I-494/I-694 junction in the Arbor Lakes Mall area.

The Catholic Spirit recently ran a review of the movie and a commentary article featuring an interview with Paul Borghese, the actor who plays the title character.


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Make plans to see a Catholic film: “Vito Bonafacci”

July 27, 2011


The Catholic Spirit is sponsoring a special local-run of the Catholic film, “Vito Bonafacci”.


Vito BonafacciVito Bonafacci is a successful businessman who enjoys his lifestyle and the riches he has accumulated.

But all that changes when one night he dreams he is having a heart attack. In that dream his mother appears from her grave and pleads with him to abandon his pursuit of greed and materialism. “Beware of the false gods of money, power, status and pleasure” she implores him, and then instructs him to “return to the true path of life”.

When Vito wakes, he is deeply affected by this vision and this leads him on a soul-searching journey to understand his life’s purpose. In a series of encounters with family and friends, he questions and explores the meaning of faith and the role religion plays in tempering one’s soul.

As the echo of his Mother’s words fills his thoughts he reaches out to his local priest to begin the renewal of his Catholic faith.


‘Vito Bonafacci’ an earnest film about a lapsed Roman Catholic in spiritual crisis, is a welcome reminder of religion’s true work. In a world fixated on bombast, ‘Vito Bonafacci’ offers a quiet haven for meaningful meditation.

– Daniel M. Gold, THE NEW YORK TIMES


When: Friday, Aug. 26-Thursday, Sept. 1

Where: AMC Arbor Lakes 16
12575 Elm Creek Blvd., Maple Grove, MN
North of the I-94 – I-494 – I-694 junction
In the Arbor Lakes Mall area

Showtimes: 1-888-AMC 4FUN

For more information about the film, visit http://www.vitobonafacci.com

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