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2 things Pope Francis told Catholic gynecologists

September 21, 2013


Photo by Naomi O'Leary

Photo by Naomi O’Leary

On Thursday, September 19, an article was released in  Jesuit publications. In this interview Pope Francis discussed the church’s emphasis on controversial social topics. He suggested instead a merciful and less judgmental church.

The next day The Holy Father met with a group of Catholic gynecologists. Here are two strong anti-abortion things he told them:

1. Abortion is a symptom of our “throwaway culture.” He urged them to refuse to perform the procedure.

2. “Every child that isn’t born, but is unjustly condemned to be aborted, has the face of Jesus Christ, has the face of the Lord.”

Way to go, Papa!

(Compiled by a New York Times article that ran in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Saturday, September 21, 2013.)

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Prolife ‘billboard people’ aiming higher

January 24, 2012




“The Billboard People” sponsored 6,500 prolife billboards in 42 states last year, but they want to do more.

“Our goal is 7,000 billboards,” Prolife Across America founder Mary Ann Kucharski told supporters in an email blast, “because we know that the more ads that are out there, the more people reached and babies’ lives saved.”

Changing hearts in order to save babies lives has been the purpose behind Prolife Across America since the Minneapolis-based nonprofit started up 23 years ago as Prolife Minnesota. The heartwarming photos of babies adds an emotional tug to the outdoor marketing’s messages of information and alternatives to abortion, including adoption and post-abortion help.

The group is in the midst of a “Father’s Campaign” (photo above) that began in mid-October with more than 1,900 billboards on that theme, (see them all here), Kucharski told The Catholic Spirit.

She added, “You may be interested in knowing that we will have at least one on University and Vandalia (near the new Planned Parenthood building in St. Paul, MN), thanks to an anonymous donor.”

The e-blast to supports invited donations to reach the 7,000-billboard goal.

“So often our 800# Hotline for Help may be the only visible sign of hope and help to someone on the brink of an abortion decision,” Kucharski wrote. “Please help us do more in 2012.”

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Love those prolife “baby” billboards? There’s more reason to love ’em

April 8, 2011


One of the very best prolife activities, I think anyway, are you billboards of smiling, happy babies that Prolife Across America produces and pays to have scattered near and far.

And founder mary Ann Kucharski passed alnog some good news recently.

First, there’s Baby June Clare, who is featured on over 500 new Billboards!

“With your prayers and support,” Kucharski noted in an e-mail, “she will appear in hundreds of cities and states all across America! Thank you for helping to make it possible!”

Next, a recent independent audit report showed that over 93.6% of every dollar donated to PROLIFE Across AMERICA goes directly to the life-saving outreach.

Many know that the organization started as Prolife Across Minnesota. Kucharski, BTW — from St. Charles Borromeo Parish in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Anthony —  is a past recipient of The Catholic Spirit’s Leading With Faith Award.

So, for lots of good reasons, you can feel good about donating to keep babies on billboards — great reminders that life in the womb is in fact life. Here’s a link to donate: 



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Most popular stories of March 2011

April 4, 2011


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Awards to Twin Cities area Catholics put a smile on your face and a tear in your eyes

November 1, 2010


Several Catholic groups are following the lead of The Catholic Spirit and honoring local people and groups for their outstanding efforts on behalf of good causes.
The Catholic Spirit’s ninth annual Leading With Faith Awards luncheon — see story and honorees at http://thecatholicspirit.com/featured/2010-leading-with-faith-winners/ — kicked off the fall season.

In late October the Office for Marriage, Family and Life of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis named its “2010 Champions for Life”: Ginny Sullivan, a teacher at Nativity of Our Lord in St. Paul, who for 20 years has helped generations of students take her lessons about aiding pregnant women into adulthood; teenager Patti Durham, a parishioner at St. John the Baptist in Savage who helps handicapped peers at Burnsville High; Merlyn and Bernadine Scroggins, who have opened their home seven times to pregnangt girls in need; and to the Respect Life Groups of South Central Minnesota, who pooled their resources to bring pro-life speakers to their communities.

A week later, many in a crowd of Catholic Community Foundation boosters were wiping the mist from their eyes when the nation’s largest community foundation serving Catholic philanthropy gave is 5th annual Legacy of Faith Award to Jerry and Delores Slawik.

It was at a lunch that the Slawiks had with Archbishop John Roach and local builder Larry McGough that the Catholic Community Foundation was established, and that might have been cause enough for the Slawiks to be honored. But there’s more to the story.

The death in a boating accident of Jerry’s younger brother, Skipper, was the inspiration for the the Skipper Slawik Foundation, designed to help pay the tuition of students who other wise couldn’t afford to attend Catholic and private high schools. The Slawik’s themselves used to review all the applications, but in 1996 asked the aid of the Catholic Community Foundation to assist. The Skipper Slawik Foundation has distributed more than $14 million and aided more than 1,000 students. Eyes started to mist up when testimonials were read from some of those 1,000 students, thank you notes to the Slawiks for helping them attend schools that they never thought possible.

Delores Slawik shared the credit with members of the extended Slawik family, the staff of the Catholic Community Foundation, and especially Judy Sheehan, who has worked for the Skipper Slawik Foundation for 56 years.

“I think God is with us (in remembering Skipper through this scholarship fund). He was a little boy frozen in time, and Jerry has kept his memory alive.”

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Characters to warm up to in a cold, cold climate

February 13, 2008


“Light on Snow,”
by Anita Shreve

When as a reader you are drawn into a story, when you rush home from work to pick up reading where you left off, when you get out of bed and start reading while you are pouring your morning coffee half into the cup and half onto the kitchen counter, and when, in the end, you wish there were a few more chapters, that’s a good book.

“Light on Snow” is that kind of read.

Anita Shreve pulls us into the lives of Nicky and Robert Dillon, a daughter and father who find a baby in the snowy woods near their New Hampshire home. How they react — and how their reactions impact their lives — reveals not just a life-saving response for the infant but a chance to reclaim the lives they have run to the northern forest to escape.

Part crime story, part family-relationship story, part mystery, “Light on Snow” is so much more than any literary genre can describe, and it’s because Shreve makes us care about the characters. The Dillons are people we want to know – people we want to reach out to – people we want to do the right thing – for their own sake, for their own sanity, for their own saintliness. – bz

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