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I’m a Fan of Facebook–Here’s Why

September 12, 2011



OMG it’s true, I read something lately that made me salute Facebook (my kids wont believe this!), and now I like this mode of social media more than I used to. Facebook (AKA ‘FB’) has a new addition: an “Expected:Child” choice. This is for people who want to post their good news on their profile page. It contains a “due date” slot so that loved ones can count down to this bundle of joy’s arrival, plus a place for Mom and Dad to display an ultrasound photo of the little miracle. And guess what? There’s even an optional name space so that parents can name the child in the womb.

How’s that for embracing life and giving dignity to the pre-born?

According to Lifenews.com:

In a clear display of humanity, the unborn child is listed right alongside born family members, emphasizing that each member of the family is equally important and valuable. Once added, a notification is posted to the newsfeeds of all of the user’s friends, giving everyone a chance to witness and celebrate the new human life.

It’s a simple way for expectant parents to acknowledge that babies in utero are precious. I hope that people get the message that EVERY baby has innate value, regardless of its family situation, and that each one is “wanted”; if not by his or her biological parents, then by couples hoping to adopt.

This new feature is easy to navigate–all a person has to do is click on “Edit my profile,” then “Friends and Family.” With FB reaching 750 million users, it’s a powerful roarrr for the voiceless!

FB pros and cons

ultrasound baby

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Everyone in our family spends time on FB (Okay, everyone except our toddling twins.) My husband and I most often use it so that we can keep tabs on our children. Remember when parents used to listen in on their kids’ phone conversations? Well, this is an even more powerful tool for moms and dads because it allows them to “see” snapshots and printed conversations of what is going on in their children’s lives.

But, this service is not all positive. For instance, if you’re a parent of teenagers, you’ve probably had to scream, “Get off Facebook right now!” like I do, because it seems to suck them right into that computer screen. Another thing I don’t like is that sometimes people divulge TMI which can be tedious, or even worse, aggrandize internet stalking. Also, FYI, there’s that relationship status of “civil union” or “domestic partnership” which I don’t like because I prefer to promote traditional family values.

But all in all, I think this new FB feature can help build up the culture of life. It confirms that every individual, from its very beginning, is part of God’s plan. Plus, Blessed John Paul II asked us to, “Love, respect and promote life.” (Evangelium Vitae #52) Isn’t this what the new feature of Facebook is doing?

If you are one of the couples announcing your big news this way, let me know how you like this new feature, and may I say…Congratulations!



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