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Sunday Morning

March 22, 2012


Shawn O’Brien, a member of St. Boniface in St. Bonifacius, sent a note saying that his daughter, Katelyn, a gifted writer and a senior at Watertown-Mayer High School, wrote a poem for a creative writing class and it was recently published in a national teen magazine. The poem subsequently has been published in a few area church bulletins as well. Here is Katelyn’s poem:

Sunday Morning

Every Sunday Morning you can be sure to see,

The beautiful old couple sitting in pew three.

I can’t help but notice the love in his eyes,

Not just for his bride, but his God lifted high.


The strong bond between this man and his wife,

It’s something I’ll strive for my entire life.

I sometimes notice my thoughts drift away,

I think of their love and forget to pray.


We say the Lord’s Prayer, the church as a whole,

Her hand in his, they pray with their souls.

He steals a glance of the woman on his arm,

He smiles and blinks as a tear causes alarm.


He bows his head, quickly finishes his prayer,

Squeezes her hand, and smiles with care.

As Mass comes to close, he looks at the cross,

Mouths a quick thank you, then nods in awe.


Now Mass is over, I slide out of my pew,

Smile at the man, who then smiles too.

The lesson I learned is short but true,

Love is so strong, it captivates you.

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