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How is a Catholic newspaper like a crucifix? Cardinal has the answer

July 6, 2011


Cardinal John Foley (file photo from address at the St. Paul Seminary, January 2011.)

Cardinal John Foley as usual delighted Catholic communicators with stories from his 60-plus years of spreading the Good News through every variety of mass media, but some words he spoke about Catholic print publications struck a chord with me because they were a new twist on something I’ve tried for years to preach.

Honored as the keynote speaker at the Centennial Gala of the Catholic Press Association in Pittsburgh recently, Cardinal Foley made this claim:

“A Catholic publication on the coffee table or magazine rack is an excellent reminder, for ourselves and our visitors, of our Catholic identity. Like the crucifix above the bed in every Catholic home, a Catholic publication in the living room or family room is a continuing reminder of our identity as Catholics.”

What a great way to understand the power of the Catholic press.

It’s a new way to think about a concept that I try to get across when I’m asked to speak about the value of The Catholic Spirit. I’ve always said that taking The Catholic Spirit out of the mailbox is a reminder that we are Catholics more than just on Sunday mornings. — Bob Zyskowski

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The tweets they are a streaming from the 2011 Catholic Media Convention

June 22, 2011


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Tweet traffic is heavy at the 2011 Catholic Media Convention in Pittsburgh – way up from last year. If you’re not able to attend, but want to listen in to the conversation, you can view this #CMC11 twitter stream for all the latest tweets.

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