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Lay Catholic newsletter recognizes Catholic Spirit’s business leaders program

January 3, 2012

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Leading With Faith, The Catholic Spirit’s annual award program that honors ethical business leaders in the Twin Cities Catholic community, got front-page recognition of its own recently.

Our Leading With Faith Awards was the subject of a page-1 piece in “Initiatives,” the newsletter of the National Center for the Laity.

The article summarized the purpose of the 10-year-old award program, offered profiles of several honorees, and noted the commonalities of the winners, chosen for the way they practice their faith in the marketplace and in their parishes and communities.

It noted: “It is easy to criticize business — especially in the wake of recent financial scandals. It is important, however, to devise forums like The Catholic Spirit’s Leading With Faith that lift up the Christian vocation of business leader — with no pretense of softening up a businessperson for a donation.”

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