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Vince Flynn is embracing life

November 5, 2012


Last month I finally read Pursuit of Honor which was written in 2009 by local author, Vince Flynn. I have now finished all 13 of his national bestsellers. I was thrilled to see that in chapter 50 of this particular novel the leading character, Mitch Rapp, denounces the vilest type of abortion procedure. Let me explain without giving too much away in case you haven’t read it yet…

In this chapter, Rapp–a CIA opperative–is before the Judiciary Committee. A certain female senator has it in for him because he uses extreme measures when he questions terrorists. (He is America’s assassin after all!) His morals, ethics and motives were being called into question. The fact that he and his partners have put their own lives at risk to save countless citizens of The United States does not impress this senator. Rapp explains that they have served their country with distinction, but she continues to build her indictment of them and calls Rapp’s actions immoral.

My favorite part in the book

The senator says, “I hardly think it’s a stretch to condemn torture as an immoral act.”

Rapp counters her with: “What about partial-birth abortion?”

And then further down the page Rapp adds:

“What do you think is more morally reprehensible…dislocating the arm of a terrorist who has intentionally lied on his immigration application so he can become an American citizen and help kill innocent people, or sticking a steel spike into the brain of an eight-and-a-half-month-old fetus and then sucking his brains out.”

Rapp confronts the senator:

“You  have a one hundred percent voting record when it comes to a woman’s reproductive rights. On thirty-eight separate occasions you have voted to protect or expand partial-birth abortions as well as provide federal funding for clinics that perform the procedure.”

The senator continues to think of him as a barbarian, so he reiterates:

“How about sticking a spike through the top of a baby’s head, piercing the skull, and then sucking the baby’s brains out all because the mother gets a note from two doctors who claims she has depression, or some other mental issue that precludes her from giving birth to a full-term baby?”

When the senator tells him that the two issues are completely different, Rapp states:

“This is where we not only say it’s perfectly okay for a doctor to kill a full-term baby, but we think taxpayers should help pay for it. And you call me a barbarian.”

When discussing this book, Vince Flynn fan, Cecelia MacDonald, said, “I was so glad to see someone finally compare partial-birth abortion to torture.”


Vince’s wife, Lysa, told me, “Many people were upset that he admonished this type of abortion, and they swore they’d never buy his books again.”

The author who has Dyslexia put an arm around his wife and interjected, “But each year when my new novels are released, I sell a greater number of them than I did the year before.”

The Last Man is available in “Movember”

Vince Flynn’s 14th political thriller called The Last Man hits the bookshelves on November 13. I was honored to read an advanced copy, and it truly is a page-turner. It does not discuss the topic of abortion, but it does contain a character named Schneeman who is named after my husband who attended St. Thomas Academy with the author.

Vince was diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago this month and he is responding well to treatment. He is thankful to fellow STA classmate, Tom Tracy, for starting the Mitch Rapp and the Killer Moustaches for “Movember” and raising a good amount of money for prostate cancer.

His faith

In his last book titled Kill Shot, Vince–who is a University of St. Thomas graduate–has a beautiful paragraph in his acknowledgments:

“To Ed Kocourek, my unofficial spiritual mentor. Thank you for pushing me when I needed it. The Adoration Chapel at St. Joseph’s has become a place of great beauty and serenity in my life. To Father John Malone, Father Peter Laird, and Archbishop Emeritus Harry Flynn for your prayers and guidance. I am a God-fearing soul and always have been. I choose to believe, and to all of you have sent your prayers and well wishes, thank you.”

Not only is Vince a talented author, he is also a loving husband and father, a wonderful friend, and just a great man in general. He is the type of Catholic who is always thirsting to learn more about his faith, keeps a rosary handy, and faithfully reads the Magnificat. He defends Catholicism when called to do so–and very eloquently I might add. (He is a wordsmith, after all.)

The author told my husband and me, “Each night I get down on my knees and thank God for life.”

(Click here to visit Vince Flynn’s website.)

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