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Witty Catholic judge worth remembering for his morality

August 1, 2011


“Simply because free speech allows us to make fools of ourselves is no reason we should avail ourselves of the opportunity.”

That’s a quote from Justice John Simonett, 87, who passed away July 28 and whose funeral will be Saturday, Aug. 6, at Lumen Christi Church in St. Paul, MN.

Along with his wit, though, this Catholic who spent 13 years on the Minnesota Supreme Court will be remembered for the moral basis of the opinions he wrote for the court.

He’s the judge who wrote the decision that upheld Minnesota’s fetal homicide law (i.e., it wi a double murder when a pregnant woman is killed), and he’s the judge who wrote the 1990 opinion that overturned the Minnesota policy of providing lower welfare benefits for new residents of the state.

Requiescat in pace, John Simonett.


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