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Fr. Tim Norris Returns To Serve At Mission

July 12, 2011

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Fr. Tim Norris and Seminarian, Jose Antonio Britos

Fr. Tim Norris, who has recently been re-assigned to Jesuchristo Resucitado,  was warmly received by staff and parishioners this week as he began his ministry at the parish. Fr. Tim Norris ministered to the parishioners at Jesuchristo Resucitado for seven years from 2000-2007. “Being back in Venezuela is great (although hot and rainy right now),” he commented.

Just last September Fr. Tim had accompanied a group of priests to the mission for its 40th anniversary celebration along with Bishop Lee Piche, myself, Bob Zyskowski from the Catholic Spirit and Eric Johnson, Center for Mission. Part way into our trip we heard that Father Tim had already visited the homes of 73 families to reconnect with those he had ministered to.

Fr. Tim will assist Fr. Greg Schaffer in the day-to-day responsibilities of running a large mission. “Our mission is the same as for those working in any other parish: helping people to know and live the Good News of Jesus Christ through Word, Sacrament, and Christian Charity. We rejoice to see God’s grace at work in the many good people of faith who live here. One of the special challenges of our ministry here, however, is the material poverty and related social problems from which many of the people suffer”, said Fr. Greg.

Jose Antonio Britos, who is currently attending his second year of seminary was elated when he heard the news of Fr. Tim’s return. He expressed his gratitude for Fr. Greg Schaffer, Fr. Tim Norris and Fr. Tom McCabe (who has just returned to the states) for being living examples of Christ in his parish. “Today I keep praying to God giving thanks for all the priests who work, worked and will work here at the Venezuelan Mission. Thanks so much to be great persons who share the love of God around all the Barrios and thanks so much for all the help that you gave to me, I am feeling so glad to have you as my pastors thanks so much..!!”

by Kay Mottaz

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