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“You Gotta believe in God”

January 13, 2012

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Thats my office behind the turn.

I have been watching the Red Bull Crashed ice shenanigans from outside of my office window across from the St. Paul Cathedral and I have been amazed by 2 things.

I have been amazed at the construction of this track for the competition. Construction started just after Christmas and in a few weeks time – 2 bridges, a hairpin turn, and towers for lights and cameras, a pulley system for a mobile camera and a small village of tents and table tops for the Red Bull hot spots. The sheer speed of this construction is amazing.

The second item of my wonderment is “Who would compete in a thing like this?” I decided that you had to believe in God if you were going to go down that track.

My thoughts proved right as I ventured outside of my building to mingle with the crowd of onlookers viewing the track. I bumped into two of the National competitors that had competed in the event the day before. One was from Chicago, the other from Milwaukee. I enquired if they had been to Minnesota before and they informed me that they both had met in the seminary at St. Mary’s in Winona.

I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith. (2Timothy 4:7)

This competition got me thinking that a leap of faith or a leap down a hill of ice takes courage and also some training. In our spiritual life we need to train by visitng the sacraments and persevering in prayer – sometimes we are asked to take that leap of faith when we put our trust in God to answer a call.

Though these 2 young men had discerned out of the seminary – they proved to be men of faith and courage on the Red Bull course and off.

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