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Catholic Relief Services offers some ‘Good News – For a Change’

November 20, 2012


The federal “fiscal cliff” is looming. Tensions remain high in the Middle East. Hurricane Sandy’s victims are still struggling to pick up the pieces left in the storm’s wake.

A lot of the news we hear about is tragic and sad.

But, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, Catholic Relief Services has something positive to share: “Good News — For a Change.”

The initiative highlights fantastic strides being made in the fight against global poverty thanks to generous donations to CRS and other humanitarian agencies.

“Too often, we focus on problems,” John Rivera, CRS’ communications director said in a news release. “We thought we’d take a different approach. Drawing on our tradition of Catholic social teaching, with its focus on the common good and integral human development, we decided we would emphasize both our grounding in the Gospel as well as our effective action for improving the lives of the people we serve. Hence, ‘Good News — For a Change.’”

Here are some of the highlights cited by CRS:

Between 1990 and 2010, more than 2 billion people gained access to improved drinking water sources, such as piped supplies and protected wells.

Guinea worm disease, an infectious parasitic disease, is on the verge of eradication. While there were 3.2 million cases in 1986, fewer than 400 cases now exist in just four African countries (about 99 percent of transmission is occurring in South Sudan).

In 2011, an estimated 6.9 million children died before their fifth birthday, compared to around 12 million in 1990. Rates of child mortality have fallen in all regions of the world in the last two decades.

More girls around the world are attending school and advancing further than ever before.

There are effective ways, with the use of antiretroviral drug therapy and related medical care, to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child in as many as 98 percent of cases.

You can read CRS’ full “Good News — For a Change” report online.

CRS is the official international humanitarian agency of the U.S. Catholic community.

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