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A Pro-Life Mother’s Day Gift

May 10, 2012


(Photo by Dave Hrbacek) Kalley Yanta at a blessing of her billboard with Franciscan Brother of Peace Pio King (L) and Fr. Robert Grabner

We mothers love breakfast in bed on our special day. Other things we cherish are: back rubs given by little hands, “Thanks Mom for Life” corsages from church, brunch with our own mothers, and family traditions.

And if Dad barbecues in the evening so that Mommy doesn’t have to make dinner–Bonus!

This year Kalley Yanta, a mother of six children and an advocate for Life, got something unique–not to mention big–for an early Mother’s Day gift: a billboard!

Mama Yanta’s Gift 

In an excited email to friends and family, Kalley wrote about her husband: “Jonathan Richard Yanta actually bought me a billboard for one month this year, which will be up until Mother’s Day.” (It went up earlier this month.)

Kalley, a former news anchor for KSTP-TV in Minneapolis, gave up her 11-year career in broadcast journalism in 1999 in favor of a higher calling — motherhood. “Since I had my first baby I have been inspired to encourage women not to have abortions,” Yanta said. (Hampton News)

She and her family have been doing just that by being lovely witnesses, and this Spring they have continued to encourage women to embrace Life in their own unique way. Her billboard is around the corner from the new, mega Planned Parenthood in St. Paul, and it is a beautiful reminder of how special every life is. It speaks to mothers of pre-born babies by proclaiming: “U R Worth It” and wishing them a Happy Mother’s Day.

Kalley asks that that people pray that there will be at least a few prospective patients of Planned Parenthood who see it, check out the YouTube video titled “URWORTHIT” (which is mentioned on the billboard), and make a serious u-turn AWAY from that horrific abortion center.  Then they can enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day for years and years to come, instead of facing the painful reminder of that child who is no longer with them.

Location, location, location!

Having a billboard in that location is something that the Yantas have wanted. But for the last few months, they were told by Clear Channel that all boards in the area were booked for 2 years. “Then I got a call from the sales representative saying that one had just become available.  I told Jon this bit of news, and he said, ‘How ’bout a billboard for Mother’s Day?’ ” Jon and Kalley designed it together, and then worked on shooting the video.

Kalley said, “Now I’m hoping the billboard right on Vandalia south of University will open. If that happens, I’ll have to do some fundraising… unless it happens near my birthday or Christmas (ha!).”

I asked Mama Yanta if she might get some special treatment on Mother’s Day even though she already received her special “big gift,” and she replied, “Knowing my husband, he’ll probably still give me flowers and one of his funny, hand-made cards.  But if not, he’s TOTALLY off the hook!”

Watch the lovely YouTube video:

In this clip, Kalley Yanta speaks directly to mothers contemplating abortion. She tells them where to find help, and lets them know that support will always be there for them. Hear the story of how the Yanta family befriended a mom who was abortion-minded, and now they babysit the little girl.

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