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24 years at Jesucristo Resucitado

February 15, 2011


As Jesucristo Resucitado parish celebrates its 40 year anniversary, I am reminded of the many priests and deacons that have been assigned at this parish.  I have been secretary at Jesucristo Resucitado since July 7, 1986 and have had the pleasure of working many of them.

Fr. Larry Hubbard and Deacon Malave

When I began working, Fr. Leo Huber had just left the parish and Deacon Jose Malave remained to help.  Fr. Larry Hubbard, who also assisted, had previously been assigned to work with Deacon Malave at Jesucristo Resucitado parish.  However, much of Fr. Hubbard’s work was at the diocesan level organizing teams to lead the Charismatic renewal, Marriage Preparation classes, and leaders for youth groups and cursillo groups for the diocese of Ciudad Guayana.  Fr. Larry Hubbard is very kind, laid back and friendly.  He is a very wise person and many people came from around the diocese to the office seeking his advice.

Fr. Mark Dosh

Fr. Mark Dosh was the pastor San Francisco de Assisi parish.  He is a great priest who is highly educated in theology which was evident in his homilies.  He has a special gift of teaching people difficult concepts of the faith in ways they can understand in his homilies. 

Fr. Bob White

Fr. Bob White was very young when he was here in Venezuela.  He worked in the parish of San Francisco de Assisi.  He was always willing to help with projects and share his talents and interests in sports with the youth. 

Fr. Pat Ryan

When Deacon Malave was reassigned, Fr. Pat Ryan was named pastor of Jesucristo Resucitado.  I always refer to him as “Reverendo” (Reverend) out of the great respect and admiration I have for him.  He worked very hard for five years drawing up the plans and getting the permissions from City Hall to build a church. I learned many things from him, especially patience. Thanks to his hard work and the help of many of his friends and people in Minnesota we have a beautiful church that people admire from all around our diocese. He is very honorable and very kind, he is a very special friend of mine and of my daughter Greicys.

Fr. Denny Dempsey

After Fr. Ryan, Fr. Denny Dempsey was named our pastor.  Fr. Denny was very active with many different groups in all the different communities of our parish – there are 11 different barrios is all.  Fr. Denny is very charismatic and has many gifts.  He built up faith communities in each of our barrios and got many people interested and active in the Church, especially many youth.      

Fr. Greg Schaffer

Fr. Denny received two young priests from Minnesota to work with him – Fr. Paul Magee and Fr. Gregorio Schaffer.  Fr. Paul was very well liked but God had other plans for him, so he left Jesucristo Resucitado.  Fr. Gregorio is a very charismatic priest who currently serves the spiritual and physical needs of the people in all of our communities.  He looks out for the people who work with the parish especially the parish staff.  He is a visionary who has begun many programs and projects we never had before that benefit many people. 

Fr. Tim Norris

Fr. Tim Norris came to minister here when Fr. Magee left.  Fr. Tim is very wise and very knowledgeable about many things.  He doesn’t talk much but he has a way of making people feel comfortable and at ease around him.  He has many friends here in all the different barrios.  He is a very good priest and we love him very much. 

Fr. Tom McCabe

After Fr. Tim left, Fr. Thomas McCabe arrived. I have a new friend in him who I am still getting to know.  He works very hard with the Mass servers.  He likes to celebrate the sacrament of confession and I really like how he preaches at weddings.   

From my first day of working at Jesucristo Resucitado I have worked with many different priests from Minnesota – some have worked at the parish of San Francisco de Assisi and others at Jesucristo Resucitado parish.  I have been blessed to have worked with them and to have them as friends!  They have blessed by life and my parish by their love and presence.          


Gregoria Ramos
Secretary at Jesucristo Resucitado Parish


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