Dressed as a saint for Halloween? Send your photos!

October 30, 2010


Our family is looking forward to Halloween. We have a tradition of going to the Mall of America for a party and trick-or-treating. My favorite part of it is being able to see the costumes. Minnesota weather is usually pretty cold on Halloween and kids have to cover their costumes with coats and hats to go door-to-door to collect their treats.

At the mall you can see all the elaborate costumes. And there is a wide variety. Parents, teens, toddlers, babies — they all get creative. Over the years, some of my favorites have been a preschooler dressed as a UPS delivery man, a newborn dressed in a bee costume, a really good Captain Jack Sparrow, an impressive Charlie Chaplin, and our own son as Indiana Jones. We didn’t, however, see very many angel or saint costumes.

Halloween is the night before All Saints Day. It was originally called All Hallows Eve and later shortened to Halloween. Costumes were a part of the celebration, but  the focus was on saints.

If you or your kids are dressing as saints or angels for Halloween, send me a picture. Tell me the first name of the person in the picture, their city or parish, and their saint.

I’ll follow up with a gallery of photos on this blog. Send the photos to towalskid@archspm.org.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!!