Most popular stories of November, 2010

December 2, 2010


Here’s a list of the most popular stories on last month. Apparently, exorcism was a hit.

Exorcism: It’s on the big screen, but is it still in the church?
12 comment(s) | 8881 view(s)

No bishop is a single-issue teacher
0 comment(s) | 851 view(s)

Priest helps Chanhassen parish heal in wake of arrest
3 comment(s) | 790 view(s)

Let’s do Advent better this year with family and friends
0 comment(s) | 672 view(s)

Most photogenic Catholic church is postcard-perfect winner
1 comment(s) | 595 view(s)

Abraham Lincoln’s devotion to Thanksgiving Day
0 comment(s) | 567 view(s)

Pope offers step-by-step guide on how ‘lectio divina’ meditation works
0 comment(s) | 485 view(s)

Archbishop modifies two of 14 original mergers
0 comment(s) | 434 view(s)

Polish parish to dedicate what it says is largest statue of Christ
1 comment(s) | 405 view(s)

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