CPA Design Review

June 23, 2010


Here are a few tips that I took away from Ed Henninger’s design workshop at the CPA convention in New Orleans:

1. Think about space and what you don’t see. Next time you see a FedEX logo, look for the arrow. White space is an element that you can use to tell a story.

2. Remember to balance your page so it doesn’t fall over.

3. Shape can be defined by:

A. type
B. form
C. contrast
D. dimension
E. proportion
F. unity

4. We read words and groups of words.

5. Use photos big.

6. Use good graphics.

7. Let color speak.

8. Link elements with color. Good example is from The Catholic Spirit go to print archives, phrase, type in sowing a legacy to see the page.

Ed said he uses – which came up as when I searched the Web – to find free photos for pages.

Visit his website at to see some before and after views of his work.

Very visual and creative.

Anyone else have thoughts to share from the convention?