The Delegation Trip to Kitui, Kenya Begins

September 24, 2014

Kitui, Kenya Partnership

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In 2004, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis joined with the Diocese of Kitui, Kenya in a solidarity partnership that focuses on the mutual sharing of faith, relationship and resources. Since 2004, there have been three delegation visits to Kitui and three visits to our Archdiocese from Kitui.  These have been life changing and mutually transforming experiences for all.

In September/October 2014, 21 very enthusiastic delegates will be traveling to the Diocese of Kitui.  Several elements of this trip make it extraordinarily unique…and special.  This is the 10th anniversary of our partnership which will be celebrated in a big way in Kitui.  So, for the first time, Archbishop Nienstedt will be joining the delegation to Kenya. In addition, there will be an exchange of sacramental items that best represents our ties and relationship: we will be gifting them with 27 chalices from parishes here and receiving sacramentally symbolic calabashes (gourd bowls) from the Diocese of Kitui.

There is a sending-off Mass for the delegation on September 27 at the Cathedral as some will leave on September 30th, and others on October 5.

Stop back to the blog often and experience the visit to Kitui personally as delegation member Christine Smeby will be blogging from Kitui with her reflections on her day’s experiences.

Please pray for the delegation and our partners in the Diocese of Kitui.