Holy Thursday: The Lace Tablecloth

March 30, 2018

Food for Thought

Holy Thursday: The Lace Tablecloth

I went to Holy Thursday Mass last night. I almost didn’t go.  Things have changed from 5 years ago when I wrote the post below.   I have lost some people in my life and I thought it might be too sad.  I went and sat with a friend who I unexpectedly saw there. It was fine. It actually ran through my head that…”this is fine… nothing special, but fine.”

Then when the came out to “dress” the altar I noticed that the linen was a tablecloth that once belonged to Mary Varley. Mary was an older woman from my parish that showed me such great faith.  I used to do all of the “decorating’ at the church and she would dutifully bring this tablecloth to the parish every Holy Thursday and she (only she) would then wash it and iron it. She lovingly shared her time and reverently shared this bit of herself with the church. She taught me many things through these actions. She passed away quite a few years ago now.

I met her for tea one time and asked her about her prayer life.  She told me to talk to Jesus like a friend, like you would talk to someone over a cup of tea.

When I saw the table cloth, I started to cry a little.  I realised that she was there. I realized that all of the people I loved and missed were right there at the Mass with me.  Some of the people that I was missing had moved away but I knew they were celebrating this same Mass but in their new parishes. Some of the people I was missing have died.

That lace tablecloth reminded me that…
All the people I love are with me in the Mass.

Every year the Triduum is the same but it is always different because we are different.
Last night I learned that “The Eucharist is the sacrament of love. It signifies love. It produces love.” (A quote from Thomas Aquinas)

Below is a post from 5 years ago but I think I will repost the Triduum series I wrote five years ago again this year with new insights from today.

Reflections on the Triduum – Holy Thursday

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