Eucharist as Thanksgiving

November 15, 2011

Food for Thought

As we dash to the store to buy our turkey, cranberries and stuffing, take a moment to reflect on the Mass.

Better yet – stop into a daily Mass during this busiest of times.

What? Mass and Thanksgiving – what is the connection? Thanksgiving isn’t a Holy Day of Obligation is it?

Although not a Holy Day, there is a connection between this more secular holiday, that revolves around food, family and thanks, to our beautiful gift of the Eucharist.

The word Eucharist is the Greek word for “thanksgiving.”

It is important to remember this attitude of gratitude every time we receive communion. So often when I come to Mass, I bring my worries, petitions and gripes when what I need to reflect on is my thanks.

So why not start a new tradition? Many of our parishes offer Daily Mass on Thanksgiving Day. Try leaving the turkey in the oven and grab the family to give thanks to the the God who made us and all we have possible. Or better yet – stop in for daily Mass on Black Friday before, after or in between your shopping!

If you are worried about your turkey – check out the safety tips at:

Between the thawing and cooking it looks like their is plenty of time to make it to Mass!

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