Wild Game Week

December 23, 2009

Faith Outdoors

Last week was a wild game bonanza. I prepared venison stew with mule deer, I made grilled whitetail backstrap steaks, and I baked venison cheeseburger on a stick, which I brought to a wild game dinner hosted by a friend. The meal also included dishes prepared with moose, elk and deer.

What a bonanza! It’s no secret I’m very fond of wild game, and I love to cook it. With a freezer full of venison, there will be many more meals such as this to come. In fact, I’ve got some ground venison thawing right now for another round of cheeseburger on a stick. This time, it will be for my in-laws, Bob and Sharon Guditis, who are coming in from Great Falls to celebrate Christmas with three of their daughters who live in Minnesota with their spouses and children.

I think it’s only fitting that we make some venison for them. It was Bob who helped us get four deer in Montana last month. He should enjoy a chance to feast on the fruits of our hunt. I’m still basking in the glow of our awesome hunt during Thanksgiving week. I will cherish the memories for the rest of my life.

Although it will be a while before I hunt again, I very much enjoy the winter season because it usually means lots of wild game dinners. We are going to host one for two landowners who gave us permission to hunt deer this year. Bill and Sandy Hasselblad of Red Wing have been kind enough to invite us down both for deer and turkey hunts over the years. As it turns out, Sandy is one of Sharon’s best friends. In fact, I met Sandy and Bill because of Sharon. I now consider Sandy and Bill friends and I highly value that friendship.

I extended the dinner invitation last week when I dropped off a gift of venison summer sausage, which is an annual December tradition for me. I made the rounds to other landowners and was able to give small tokens of appreciation for letting us hunt. May God bless them abundantly this Christmas and always!


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