Walk on beautiful evening leads to foot pain

April 24, 2012

Faith Outdoors

Several months ago, my wife Julie advised me to take a cell phone while on my 3-mile walk. Last night, I had to use it.

I was nearly halfway through when I felt pain in the middle toes of my right foot. Soon, it became very intense and I quickly realized I would not be able to walk on it much longer.

So, I pulled out the cell phone and dialed Julie’s number. Thankfully, she answered and I told her my plight. She said she would come right away.

I decided to hobble on, taking short, labored steps around the perimeter of a golf course. On a wooded portion across the street from the course, four whitetail deer fed silently in the grass.

I walked right past them at close range. They jerked their heads up and looked at me, but resumed feeding as I walked past. These semi-tame animals are nothing like their fully wild counterparts.

I wasn’t even 100 yards past the deer when Julie pulled up. I told her about the deer, and we drove up past them. Then, we continued on, turned around and pulled right up to them. I rolled down the passenger’s side window, and we enjoyed a few moments of watching the deer graze peacefully.

I was glad Julie got to witness the scene. Of course, I was even more grateful that she came to pick me up. The last time I didn’t finish a walk or run was in January of last year, when I severely sprained my left ankle and had to be driven home by a Good Samaritan.

I hope to try walking again tonight or tomorrow. But, I’m not going to push it. With my turkey hunt scheduled for next week, I’ll need to be able to do some walking to go after the birds. And, hopefully, I’ll walk out of the woods with a nice gobbler!


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