Time to get out on the water

June 11, 2009

Faith Outdoors

I recently read that this week is national Boating and Fishing Week. With warmer weather finally arriving to make it feel like June, now’s the time to head to your favorite fishing spot.

I’m planning to go to a nearby lake this week to take my boat out for the first time. I want to make sure it’s in ship shape for my trip to Upper Red Lake next week with my wife, Julie, and four kids. It ran well last summer after I worked out a few bugs. Then, I winterized it according to the directions provided by Hannay’s Marine.
So, I’m optimistic that everything will work smoothly. Still, if I can take the boat out now for some testing, I’ll have time to fix anything that might be wrong. There’s nothing worse than having a boat that doesn’t work when you’re at a lake where the fish are biting. And, on Upper Red these days, if you can just get out on the lake, you’ll probably catch fish. During the early part of the summer when the walleyes are shallow and hungry, fishing doesn’t get much easier.
And, that is precisely why I chose this lake as a place to bring my kids. I’m hoping my 7-year-old daughter, Claire, will catch her first walleye on this trip. But, first, I have to help her overcome her fear of boats. I took her out last year with my wife and the trip ended only about 100 yards from the dock. I opened the livewell to show her and she panicked when she saw water flowing in it. She thought the boat was sinking and there was no convincing her otherwise. So, back to shore we went. I’m hoping she’ll do better this time.
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