Time for turkey tags

March 21, 2011

Faith Outdoors

Those who wish to hunt turkeys in Minnesota and/or Wisconsin can purchase tags right now, either if they did not get picked in the general lottery or, in the case of Wisconsin, if they wish to buy additional tags.

Last week, Minnesota put surplus tags on sale for time periods A through F (tags for Seasons G and H are available over the counter). There are still plenty available, including some for as early as Season B (April 18-22). But, I suspect most will be gone by the end of this week, so now’s the time to act.

Meanwhile, surplus tags in Wisconsin started going on sale today. The tags are sold differently in this state. Zone 1 tags are sold today, Zone 2 tomorrow, Zone 3 Wednesday, Zone 4 Thursday, Zones 5 and 6 Friday, and all of the remaining tags then go on sale Saturday. They’re a great bargain at $10 for residents and $15 for nonresidents.

Although I already have a tag for Wisconsin, I may get one more, maybe two. That’s the beauty of turkey hunting in Wisconsin — there’s no limit to how many tags you can buy, except you can only buy one per day.

I’m also going to get my son, William, a tag so he can hunt the youth weekend April 9 and 10. My wife will be on retreat that weekend, so we’ll be able to hunt all weekend. Looks like I’ll be helping a couple of other kids, too. I just hope the weather cooperates — and the snow melts by then!


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