Thinking ahead

February 17, 2009

Faith Outdoors

I talked to my friend John Nesheim yesterday. He’s in good spirits as he learns how to get around in his house in a wheelchair. Just three weeks ago, he was lying in a ravine in Battle Creek Regional Park in St. Paul trying to figure out a way to escape. Now, he’s back home and adjusting to life without his feet, which were amputated due to severe frostbite.

As he described the complications of using a wheelchair, he reiterated his desire to deer hunt this fall. And, I assured him that I will be working on it. I have watched hunting videos that featured people in wheelchairs and I have heard about opportunities for disabled hunters. So, I’m confident we can put something together for John. We’ll just have to do the research.

Actually, it will be a unique and fun challenge trying to help John go after a whitetail. I have had the honor and blessing of helping my children harvest deer and turkeys. It’s just about as fun as doing it myself. I suspect the same will be true of helping John. He’s such a great friend and I would love to be there with him as he does something he enjoys so much.

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