Successful surgery

January 28, 2009

Faith Outdoors

My friend, John Nesheim, underwent surgery Monday to amputate both feet after he suffered severe frostbite from being stranded at the bottom of a ravine in Battle Creek Regional Park in St. Paul last week. The surgery was a success, although John has experienced a significant amount of pain.

I talked to him yesterday morning, the day after surgery and he was doing better than the previous afternoon, when he was in a lot of pain. They got it under control with medication and he seemed to be in pretty good spirits.

One thing that really impressed me was the group of students from the University of Minnesota that sat at his bedside in two-hour shifts all night Monday to be with him and pray for him as he recovered from the surgery. They all belong to a Christian community called People of Praise, which John and I also belong to. John was very blessed by the students’ presence.

What a great Christian witness! I’m sure at least some of them had never met John before. I believe acts like this greatly please God. I’m so glad John is getting such great support. I pray he can continue to get it as he begins the long road to recovery and the use of the artificial feet he will get soon.


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