Storm damage

July 14, 2008

Faith Outdoors

When I heard that last week’s storm went through Goodhue County and included a tornado touchdown, I took notice. Our family hunts there for both deer and wild turkey, so I went on-line for more details of the storm’s path of destruction.

It turns out the tornado touchdown occurred three miles east of the small town of Vasa, which is located a few miles south and west of Red Wing. I looked on a map and discovered that two farms where we hunt were located three miles east of Vasa. I have gotten to know one of the landowners very well, so I e-mailed him to ask about damage on his farm.

Sure enough, the storm hit his farm and did some damage to both the house and barn. In addition, the crops may be a total loss, depending on what the insurance adjustor said. I felt bad for him, but he seemed to be in good spirits. He is a very devout Christian and I know he will rely on the Lord to get him through. He has a regular job that he works and rents out the land to someone who grows crops on it, so I think he will be OK financially.

I feel for those farmers who aren’t so fortunate. It’s too bad the much-needed July rain brought damaging winds with it. It’s hard to know what good can come out of something like this, but God’s word says it clearly in St. Paul’s letter to the Romans: “All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his decree.”

This is a verse that should comfort anyone dealing with tragedies such as this. At the same time, the “good” that God brings often is not evident when such an event occurs. That’s where faith comes in. I must admit, I fall short in that department. And, that is exactly why I often pray a prayer that is found elsewhere in Scripture:

“I believe, Lord, help my unbelief.”


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