Spring in Texas

March 23, 2010

Faith Outdoors

DallasspringI got mixed signals about the season of spring during a recent trip to Dallas with my son, Joe. We were there to visit the University of Dallas, which is high on Joe’s list of colleges, and to visit my brother, Mark, who lives in the Dallas suburb of Allen.

The day of the visit, last Friday, was beautiful. After a cool start, it warmed beautifully into the upper 60s, which made for a great day to tour the campus, and to have a meal outdoors at Mark’s house that evening. I saw and photographed some peach blossoms on campus, a very nice bonus to the trip.

Then, the bottom fell out. The mercury dipped into the 30s and stayed there on Saturday. Later, in the evening, we looked outside Mark’s window and saw snow falling in big flakes as we watched an NCAA men’s basketball tournament game.

The snow continued to fall throughout the night and we were greeted with five inches on the ground as we left the house to go to Mass Sunday morning. The calendar said this was the second day of spring, but the streets and yards in Dallas told a different story. Some parts of the Dallas metroplex got as many as 11 inches.

Here’s the irony — there was more snow on the ground in Dallas on Sunday than there was back here in the Twin Cities. What could we do? I just shook my head and laughed, while my sister-in-law, Helen, ordered me to take the snow back home with me on Monday morning.

“No thanks,” I quickly  replied. “We’ve had it in Minnesota long enough.”

 Mark said he thinks Dallas set a record for most snow falling in a winter. He showed me pictures of another, similar, snowstorm back in February. The difference down in Dallas is that snow rarely lasts for more than a day or two. Sure enough, by the time we got to the airport on Monday morning for our flight back home, most of the snow was gone.

The same was true here when we got back. I’m sure glad we’re having an early spring. And, it looks like we may not get any snow in March this year.

That wouldn’t bother me one bit.

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