Sign of spring

April 21, 2011

Faith Outdoors

In the last few days, I have started to see and hear robins. I like their singing, and I welcome that sound every year. I’m glad the cold weather hasn’t caused them to clam up.

I also noticed that the weather hasn’t put a cramp on their breeding activity, either. Twice, I have seen female robins looking overly plump. That can only mean one thing — they’re about to lay eggs.

Even though Old Man Winter is still hanging around, that’s not stopping at least some of the rituals of spring. I’m hoping that the wild turkeys are moving forward with their breeding as well. With my hunting season starting on May 3, I would like the hens to be busy laying eggs and sitting on their nests, so that the toms have to start looking for more hens. And, hopefully, they’ll come looking for me when I sound off like a hen.

I got an encouraging sign today when a coworker said she saw a tom breeding a hen in a field along the road. That means egg laying and nesting won’t be far behind!

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