Sausage day

December 3, 2008

Faith Outdoors

Today marks an annual tradition — bringing in fresh, venison sausage to my coworkers at The Catholic Spirit. Yesterday, I picked up a batch of summer sausage from Stasny’s Food Market right here in St. Paul. I had dropped off a deer for processing back in November and I always order Stasny’s delicious summer sausage.

I feel a little strange driving around St. Paul with a deer in my trailer, but I wouldn’t take it anywhere else. The heart of St. Paul might seem like an unusual place to find a deer processor, but the folks at Stasny’s have been doing it for a long time and it shows.

I really like the taste of the summer sausage I get there, and I also like sharing it with others. In fact, I will be giving more of it away to landowners who have given me and my sons permission to hunt on their properties. That’s an annual tradition, too. I’m very grateful for the privilege of having good places to hunt and it’s nice to give the landowners a small token of appreciation.

In this day and age, finding land on which to hunt is getting harder and harder. I sure hope my children will be able to continue our tradition of hunting. For now, we’ll keep enjoying the sausage, plus all of the other venison now taking up space in our freezer.

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