Praying for life and walking with bishops

January 23, 2012

Faith Outdoors

From left, Bishop Paul Sirba of the Diocese of Duluth and Bishop John LeVoir of the Diocese of New Ulm greet Franciscan Brothers of Peace Seraphim Wirth and John Mary Kaspari at the MCCL March for Life at the State Capitol Jan. 22.

Yesterday, I once again had the privilege of photographing the Mass for Life at the Cathedral and the MCCL March for Life at the State Capitol. Filling in for Archbishop John Nienstedt at the Mass was Bishop John LeVoir of the Diocese of New Ulm. Joining him was Bishop Paul Sirba of Duluth.

It was great to see both bishops, and I got a rare treat of several minutes of conversation with them on the way back to the Cathedral following the MCCL rally. It’s not too often you get more than a quick greeting with a bishop, but I was fortunate to be able to walk and talk with two!

Both are very close to nature where they live, and they both had stories of seeing deer near their residences on a regular basis. If they were deer hunters, I’m quite certain they would be able to fill their freezers with venison every year. I know Bishop Sirba’s brother is an avid fisherman, so I hinted I may want to come up to his diocese for a little fishing.

Actually, I was supposed to go to his diocese today to interview and photograph a woman who is both a devout Catholic and an avid dog musher. But, weather spoiled the plans. She’s coming to the St. Cloud Diocese next month for a fund raiser at a parish, in which she will give people dog sled rides. I’m hoping to go up there for the event, and, hopefully, take a ride myself.

It was very good to see Bishop LeVoir and Bishop Sirba yesterday. Bishop LeVoir served as an associate priest at St. Charles Borromeo when I was still living at home and went to church there. In fact, when I married my first wife, Jennifer (who later died of cancer), back in 1990, then-Father LeVoir was the presider. So, I feel a strong connection to him. Plus, I greatly admire him as a priest and man of God.

I hope the two bishops will continue to make visits back here to St. Paul. It’s always nice to see them. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to get one or both of them in my fishing boat some day!

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