Minnesota Deer Classic starts today!

March 9, 2012

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If it wasn’t for the state high school hockey tournament, I would be checking out the 30th annual Minnesota Deer Classic  at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Coliseum this weekend. For serious whitetail hunters, it’s a great event, and it kicks off today and runs through Sunday.

I know, deer season is a long ways off (eight months, to be exact), but now’s a good time to learn things that could pay off handsomely this fall in the form of a big buck. Or, if you happened to have shot a nice buck this past season, you can bring in the antlers and get them scored.

That’s what I would be doing if it wasn’t for hockey. I didn’t shoot a trophy buck last fall, but I did take a dandy 8-pointer down near Red Wing and I am a little curious what the rack would score. With the antler-point restriction in place for the second year, I’m starting to see nicer bucks, like the one I got in November. I wish I could check out some of the Deer Classic presenters, like Myles Keller, who started bowhunting in 1962 and is still at it. Outdoor Life named him one of 10 great outdoor legends and he’s considered a storehouse of information.

It would be nice if the event didn’t coincide with the hockey tournament. Maybe they figure there aren’t too many serious deer hunters who are hockey fans. Unfortunately, I am one of them.


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