Mammoth sturgeon found in Wisconsin

April 12, 2012

Faith Outdoors

I just found out about a huge fish called the Shawano Sturgeon that was discovered by the Wisconsin DNR in the Wolf River near Shawano on Tuesday, acc0rding to a report by City Pages.

The fish measured more than 7 feet long, weighed 240 pounds and was estimated to be 125 years old. I can’t imagine hooking this giant and trying to reel it in. A few years ago, my friend, Pete Wolney, hooked a big sturgeon while we were fishing for walleyes on Lake of the  Woods. These fish are known to produce long battles, and Pete finally cut his line when it became clear he was going to need lots of time to heave this behemoth aboard.

Probably a good thing, as there’s not much you can do with this fish. Besides, sturgeon were out of season at the time Pete hooked one, so he would have had to release it anyway.

Sounds like the DNR had a good time measuring and examining this fish, which had deposited more than 30 pounds of eggs into the river.

Boy, I wonder how much a 125-year-old walleye would weigh.


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