Let the hunt begin!

September 21, 2009

Faith Outdoors

One of the hunts I’m very much looking forward to this fall is one in which I will not be carrying a weapon. It takes place in early October and I don’t mind one bit that I won’t have any chance at harvesting an animal.

Rather, I will pin my hopes on my good friend, John Nesheim, who will be participating in a special hunt for the disabled put on by the United Foundation For Disabled Archers (UFFDA). The organization offers its members free, guided hunts on private land using crossbows. John, who had his feet amputated last winter due to severe frostbite, will be going on his first UFFDA hunt and is very excited.
So am I. It will take place near Park Rapids and I am very optimistic that John will have a fun and successful hunt. I pulled together a few of John’s friends and we bought him a new crossbow at Schaffer Performance Archery in Burnsville. John Schaffer not only gave us a nice discount on a crossbow, he helped John sight it in so he’s all ready to go.
John will have several days to try for a whitetail, and I hope to join him in a blind for at least part of a day, hopefully, more. After all he’s been through, first with the amputation and then with the adjustment of using prosthetics, it sure would be nice to see him make a successful shot on a deer.
I’ll be praying for him!
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