Important steps to prepare for bowhunting

September 1, 2011

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With the archery deer season set to begin Sept. 17, I am getting more focused in my preparations. Not sure if I will hunt on opening weekend or not, but I want to be ready in case I decide to go into the woods.

I completed two important steps this week: 1. I brought my bow in for tuning and, 2. I picked up the broadheads I will be using and a quiver for carrying my arrows out into the field.

After much deliberation, I decided to go with Rage 2-blade expandable broadheads. I was leery of mechanical broadheads because of the risk of the blades not opening up on impact, but an archery expert whose opinion I value, Steve Huettl of Gamehide camo clothing, said he has had great results with these broadheads, as have other bowhunters he knows.

Thus, I decided to give them a try. The company claims these broadheads fly just like your field points, and Steve said that’s been true for him. Often, fixed blade broadheads can fly differently than your field points, which means you have to adjust your sight pins for broadheads, not to mention take lots of shots at a target to get them sighted in. Unfortunately, not only is this time consuming, but it can chew up your target.

Probably the most important thing I did was get my bow tuned. I went to the archery department at Gander Mountain in Lakeville and one of the guys did what’s called a paper tune. This tells him if he needs to make any adjustments on the bow. Turns out he needed to adjust my arrow rest. Maybe not a huge deal, but leaving it alone may have affected accuracy. It’s tough enough to get good arrow groups, but getting your bow tuned can help.

In the process, I had the guys at Gander increase the poundage on my bow. I was at 52 foot pounds, and they moved it up to 55. That’s where I plan to stay this year. Steve recommended shooting at 55 pounds, so I have worked my way up to that after starting at 48.

Next comes the big decision — whether to hunt from the ground or up in a tree stand. Steve says it’s better to hunt up high, so that’s probably what I’ll do. I’ve got one ladder stand available, but I’m doing research on another one made of wood and built by a guy in Wisconsin. I may give that a try this year.

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