Good fishing ahead?

June 14, 2010

Faith Outdoors

This week, I am taking my two oldest sons, Joe and Andy, on a fishing trip to Upper Red Lake with their Grandpa Bob Guditis, who came into town last week with his wife, Sharon, to attend Joe’s graduation from Trinity School in Eagan on Saturday. Now that the celebration is over, it’s time to go fishing!

Our timing is good. First, the protected slot changes on the lake tomorrow, June 15. It goes from 17-26 inches to 20-26 inches. The state did the same thing last year and we got there on the second day of the new slot. We caught our limit and were able to keep some nice 18- and 19-inch walleyes. We’re hoping to do the same thing this year.

Second, it looks like we’re going to hit some favorable weather. After about two weeks of cold, wind and rain, things are going to quiet down a bit starting Tuesday and last throughout much of the week. The thing we don’t want is high winds, and the wind forecast is quiet for the next few days.

That is huge. When you can get out on the lake, catching fish usually is not a problem. I really want to see Bob and the boys have some great fishing. Then, we’ll come off the lake and have a fish fry.

I’m hoping to swing north and hit Lake of the Woods while we’re there. The fishing has been phenomenal the last few weeks, though the fish have moved into deep water — 30-32 feet. That’s OK as long as it’s not windy. Once the fish reach this area, they stay there the rest of the summer and bite consistently. I called Log Cabin Bait today and the guy I talked to said people are catching lots of fish.

So, I’m hoping we can experience a walleye double header!

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