Fun at the Fair

September 20, 2010

Faith Outdoors


One of my favorite outdoor events took place over the weekend — the Nativity County Fair. A few years ago, I became the official photographer of the event, which takes place at my parish, Nativity of Our Lord in St. Paul.

I was able to get to the fair with my camera all three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Way back in June, the priests at the parish started praying for good weather. And, God answered their prayers. It was mostly cool, with just a few raindrops, but nothing that came even close to chasing people away.

In fact, right at the end of the outdoor Mass on Sunday, the sun poked through and stayed out the rest of the day. We couldn’t have asked for better. There were smiles and fun everywhere, and the smell of delicious food filled the air.

It’s a privilege to be able to capture the sights of the fair every year, and I’m grateful and humbled that the folks in charge continue to ask me to serve in this capacity. I’m so glad I have a meaningful way to use my gift of photography.

If only the Vikings had won later that day when I returned home, the weekend would have been about perfect.

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