Food exchange

August 6, 2010

Faith Outdoors

I made a food drop yesterday to my friend, Dorwatha Woods, principal of Ascension School in North Minneapolis. The package included freshly caught bass and northern pike, plus some venison steaks and ground venison.

The fish and game were carefully frozen with my Food Saver vacuum sealer, which I use for this purpose because it allows you to freeze things for months without risk of freezer burn. I put the fillets into the special vacuum sealer bags and place them in the freezer overnight. Then, the next day, after they are frozen, I vacuum seal the bags and seal them.

Works like a charm for me, which is why I was confident in what I handed over to Dorwatha at Ascension yesterday. She loves to cook and enjoyed fish I gave her last summer, so I decided to offer her some more. One gratifying thing for me is knowing she is planning on using some of the fish and game I gave her to serve quality meals to people who are less fortunate. Also, once a year, she makes a meal for the entire school. I told her if she wants to use ground venison the next time, I probably will have enough for her.

In the meantime, she is going to offer something very special in return. A while back, I found out she makes barbecued ribs. She does it the old-fashioned way, using a charcoal smoker and soaking the meat in a marinade overnight. In other words, she does it the way the professionals do. She said she is going to smoke some ribs and bring them over to my house.

I can’t wait!

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