Fishing prayers

May 13, 2011

Faith Outdoors

For those of you who are going out fishing on the opener tomorrow and over the weekend, here are a couple of prayers you might want to say at the boat landing or in your boat at the start of your trip. They come courtesy of Sue Schulzetenberg of the St. Cloud Visitor, newspaper of the Diocese of St. Cloud.

Fisherman’s Prayer #1

God give me strength to catch a fish,

So big that even I,

When telling of it afterwards,

Have no need to lie.

Fisherman’s Prayer #2

I pray that I may live to fish…

Until my dying day.

And when it comes to my last cast,

I then most humbly pray:

When in the Lord’s great landing net

And peacefully asleep

That in His mercy I be judged

“Big enough to keep”!

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