Finding a running partner

June 30, 2010

Faith Outdoors

It’s fun getting up at 7 a.m. to run when the weather is so beautiful. I’m really enjoying the cool mornings and low humidity.

And, today, I got a bonus — my No. 3 son, William, joined me on my 3-mile run. He started going with me last week and wants to keep it up for the rest of the summer.

Naturally, I welcome his company. He can’t go the whole distance yet, but he’s off to a good start. He is able to go the first mile, then he turns around and walks back. Depending on how fast I run, I can catch him somewhere along the way back.

Today, I didn’t, but that’s OK. That just means he’s increasing his pace. I suspect that, sometime this summer, he’ll be able to go the whole way with me. And, eventually, I’ll be trying to keep up with him.

As a parent, you look for ways to connect with your children. So far, running is it for William and I. For Claire, my only  daughter, it’s bike riding. We rode our bikes to a Dairy Queen on Monday. That’s about the perfect distance for her right now. I’m hoping there will be longer trips ahead for us. William joined us on our quick trip to DQ, but it seems like Claire likes it a lot more than he does.

Getting out with your kids is a great way to spend the summer. I’m glad to be starting now and I’m looking forward to the next two months.

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