Father’s Day banquet

June 22, 2009

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Father’s Day was different this year, but enjoyable nonetheless. For the first time, my Dad, Ray, had to be admitted to a health care facility due to some complications and weakness. He is under observation and the medical staff is trying to help him regain strength so he can return home.

So, two of my brothers and I decided to take the Father’s Day party to him. I made one of my top wild-game recipes — wild turkey/wild rice casserole — and brought it over as the main course. All of us were able to enjoy it, including Dad. I like to think that this is one of the noblest uses for wild game and I think even ardent animal-rights activists would have a hard time finding fault with our attempt to give Dad a home-cooked meal for Father’s Day.
Dad was in good spirits, although he still seems weak. We’re all hoping and praying he can regain his strength soon and come home. Yet, at age 87, we know there is no guarantee of a full recovery. All we can do is spend time with him and enjoy him as he is.
As it turns out, that is a very easy thing to do. My Dad always has had a great sense of humor and I’m happy to say that it still is fully intact. He even made a joke about turkeys and flapped his arms for emphasis.
We loved it. In fact, this was proof that there was nothing dark or dreary about this Father’s Day celebration, despite the thick clouds and intermittent rain that fell during our party. May God grant us many more family get-togethers as fun as this one.
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