Different lake, same result

July 27, 2009

Faith Outdoors

I decided to take advantage of a beautiful day yesterday and I headed over to Lake Calhoun to try for some bass. After not doing well on Cedar Lake, I decided to give Calhoun a shot.

Because it’s bigger and deeper, it’s usually colder and takes longer to warm up than Cedar. That means the bass typically spawn later and settle into their summer patterns later. For this reason, I always try Cedar earlier in the summer, then switch over to Calhoun in August.
I was hoping the fish would be active, but the results were about the same as on Cedar. I caught a few bass, with the biggest measuring 17 inches — not at all what I’m used to on this lake.
I sent out some e-mails to some expert anglers that I know and they all agree that this is a very abnormal year. One of them has done a lot of bass fishing this summer and has done very well, but he said the fish are scattered and he really has had to work for them. He catches some shallow and some deep, but is not getting the numbers of fish deep that he normally does.
To be honest, I have had such consistent success over the years fishing deep that I rarely visit the shallows at this time of year. Guess it’s time to try, although the city lakes are choked with eurasian milfoil shallow and it won’t be easy to get a lure to the fish if they’re in the thick stuff.
The good news is, this is a severe departure from the norm and it probably won’t happen again next year. On the other hand, we still have the entire month of August left, so maybe a deepwater pattern will develop yet. I sure hope so!

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