By the light of the moon

January 13, 2009

Faith Outdoors

I wasn’t exactly bursting with excitement at the prospect of removing snow from my sidewalk and driveway last night after the daytime snowstorm. It was dark, cold and windy and I much preferred to sit in our back room and get a fire going in our fireplace.

But, I dragged myself out to the garage and pulled out the snowblower. Thankfully, it started and I was soon sending streams of freshly-fallen snow into the stiff, arctic winds.

Surprisingly, the hour I spent outside in the cold proved both peaceful and enjoyable. As I headed down the sidewalk tottering behind my blower, I happened to look up and notice a full moon — or close to it — just above the trees.

It was a crisp, beautiful scene. There’s something about a clear winter sky on a subzero night that I find very attractive. It made me want to stop, look and pray. The day had been unusually stressful for me and I couldn’t help but think God created this opportunity so that I could find a brief moment of peace.

I felt gratitude and took my time finishing the job so that I could enjoy this lunar display. It’s one of the beauties of winter that I suspect a lot of folks overlook. As much as many people dislike cold and snow, God is in the midst of them both continuing to display his creative works. May I always have eyes to see his awesome wonders!

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Staff photographer and writer for The Catholic Spirit. Also, avid outdoors enthusiast with a passion for hunting, fishing and photography. Married to Julie and have four children, three boys and a girl.

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