Bridge and bass

September 19, 2008

Faith Outdoors

I took a little detour yesterday on my way to some bass fishing on the Minneapolis city lakes. The weather was beautiful and I relished the chance to do some late-summer fishing.

It so happened that this was also the day the new 35W bridge opened. I couldn’t resist the chance to cross the bridge, so I altered my normal travel route to do so.

Over the course of my 47 years, I had crossed the old bridge many times. So, from that respect, another bridge crossing was nothing special. Yet, I couldn’t help but wonder what it must have been like for the hundreds of folks who were on the bridge when it collapsed. When you’re on the bridge, you don’t get a sense of the vertical drop to the river. It’s like when you are flying in a commercial jet, you don’t get a sense of how high you’re flying.

Thus, it was hard to have any fear about crossing. Actually, if anything, I was more confident than usual. After all, the bridge is brand new, built with the latest and greatest technology. Hopefully, this fact will put everyone’s fears to rest, though I wonder if any of the collapse survivors will ever again feel comfortable crossing a bridge.

That is why it is important to keep them in our prayers. The effects of trauma can be long lasting. I know I still struggle with that in terms of my first wife’s death from cancer. For a while, I had an inordinate fear of the disease, worrying that every ache or pain was a tumor.

That has abated, due, I think, to the grace of God over the passage of time. I believe God wants to heal everyone who has suffered some form of trauma. We just need to ask him and be willing to trust, not only his plan, but his timing. It may take a while — longer than we would like — but God is faithful and those who wait on him are never disappointed in the long run.

As for the bass, they were tight-lipped on this day. Every year, I hear how good fall bass fishing can be and every year I struggle to catch them in the fall. Someday, I hope to figure it out.

I don’t walk away too disappointed, however. I’ve had the best summer of bass fishing in my entire life, so I am grateful for the great outings of July and August. I’ll try for fall bass one more time before winterizing my boat. I promised my friend, Mark, I would take him out. Maybe I’ll learn how to catch fall bass by then.


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