More bow hunting heartache

November 5, 2014

Faith Outdoors

Just when I thought I had my lowest moment in the woods, it got worse. After failing to get a buck on Saturday, I went out again this morning hoping for redemption.

What I got instead was more misery. Things were looking good when I climbed into my stand well before dawn under cloudy skies. I settled in and watched the landscape lighten with the coming of sunrise. It’s a more gradual process under cloud cover, and less dramatic.

Not long after shooting hours began, a doe walked by about 40-50 yards away. She circled around and I thought she might come in, but no dice. She stayed out of bow range, then eventually ran off. Don’t know what spooked her.

Always nice when there are does in the area. That means bucks will be around, too. Sure enough, less than an hour later, I spotted movement in the brush to my north. I saw a deer moving through and headed toward me. Just a few seconds later, I spotted antlers. Not a big buck, but definitely something I wanted to shoot.

He paused behind a tree, then I quickly stood up and grabbed my bow. The buck kept moving toward an open area, completely oblivious to my presence. As he got into the clearing, I turned and held my bow in front of me, ready to draw. He took a few steps, then I grunted to stop him and drew back. He was 15 yards away, standing broadside. I quickly put the pin on his chest and released.

What I saw next can only be described as sickening — completely sickening. The arrow flew toward the back end of the deer and hit the ground behind him. Somehow, the shot went left about 3 feet from where I aimed. It never touched the deer.

I was stunned. The buck jumped and turned away from me. He walked a little ways, then turned to go back the way he came.

How could this be? I don’t ever miss like that in practice. In fact, in all the years I have shot a bow, both in practice and while hunting, I have never been this far off the mark — ever.

For goodness sake, the buck was only 15 yards away! I kept going over and over the whole shot sequence as I sat in the stand. I think what happened is the arm holding the bow was straighter than normal, and the string probably hit my jacket. That will deflect an arrow every time.

I had several conversations with other hunters, and that seems to be the best explanation. But, the problem was not my jacket, it was bad form. I should have taken my time to anchor the pin and make sure my form was good before letting the arrow fly.

Instead, I rushed everything and had a very quick release. That is exactly how bad things happen. Hopefully, I’ll get another chance. I’m going out again tomorrow, this time to a different piece of property. I will try to learn from my mistakes and do it right the next time.

Please, God, let there be a next time!

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