Blister-free running

February 3, 2010

Faith Outdoors

I hit the snow-covered pavement this morning at 6:15 to attempt a two-mile run. For the second time, I put on my new running shoes.

The first time I tried them, things didn’t go well. I went on a three-mile run last Wednesday, and I started feeling discomfort on the bottoms of both feet, specifically, in my arches. By the time I got home, the discomfort had turned to pain and I ended up with blisters on both feet.

I was very discouraged and went back to the store where I bought them, Run N Fun in St. Paul, only about a mile from my house. I explained my problem to one of the sales people, and that was the start of some great customer service.

The problem, I learned, is a common occurrence. Fortunately, there were two things I could try in order to have a blister-free run. One was a thicker insole to provide more padding. The employee gave me a set, free of charge. The second was friction-free socks. I didn’t know there was such a thing, but I was willing to give them a try.

Today was the day for the test. Rather than go for three miles, I decided to scale it back to two. That way, if my feet started to hurt, I wouldn’t have as far to go back home.

But, I did not end up having to cut my run short. I did not feel one bit of pain from start to finish. Of course, that means I will be able to go out and do it again. Tomorrow will be a walk, then another run on Friday.

I am very impressed with the folks at Run N Fun. When I bought the shoes back in December, the woman I worked with spent lots of time helping me find the right pair of shoes. And, she was able to find them for a reasonable price. Not only that, I got to try them out on a tread mill in the store.

The outstanding service continued when I came back to discuss my problem. The guy I talked to made it clear he would work to resolve the problem to my satisfaction. He said that, if the thicker insoles and friction-free socks didn’t work, I could exchange the shoes for a different pair.

Fortunately, that won’t be necessary. I am thankful it all worked out and thankful that I can shop at a store where customers matter. The folks at Run N Fun are serious about running and serious about helping people of all ages and interest levels. I am not a serious runner in terms of trying to go long distances or trying for fast times. I merely want regular exercise that will keep my body in good shape.

Thanks to the people at Run N Fun, I will be able to achieve my goal.

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