Back on track

January 20, 2010

Faith Outdoors

Thanks to the January thaw, I’m running the streets of St. Paul once again. Lots of ice and bitter cold temperatures minimized my activity in late December and early January, but I have picked up the pace again.

Twice this week, including today, I ran my usual route of 3.2 miles. I ran slower, but I finished — and without any pain in either of my legs. I had battled painful muscle cramps in the calf muscles of both legs in October and November, but the layoff (walking only in December) seems to have allowed the legs to heal. To ensure the injuries don’t reoccur, I bought new running shoes in December that have extra support that is supposed to help prevent leg injuries.

I hope they work. I plan on getting back to my routine of alternating days between walking and running. The warmer temperatures of late have me thinking about spring, when I plan to be walking the hills of southeastern Minnesota and Wisconsin in search of wild turkeys. It’s a few months away, but I’m looking forward to it already. I hope to be in good shape by then. My legs are a little sore now, but I hope to get used to running in the next month.

Also, I tried snowshoeing on Friday, which I will be writing about in my next outdoors column in The Catholic Spirit. It will appear next week in the Jan. 28 edition. Be sure to look for it!

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