A tragic fall

January 23, 2009

Faith Outdoors

I got a surprising call from my brother, Paul, last night. A good friend of ours, John Nesheim, was in the hospital after falling into a ravine while on a hike and being stranded there for two days. He suffered severe frostbite and may lose both of his feet. The story of his tragic accident appeared in today’s Pioneer Press.

The doctors say it doesn’t look good for his feet, but John is just glad to be alive. He went out for a short hike at Battle Creek Regional Park in St. Paul late in the afternoon on Monday and wasn’t rescued until Wednesday morning. He had badly sprained his ankle and couldn’t climb back out and his cell phone didn’t work down in the ravine. He eventually scooted his way to a better position and a call finally went through on his phone, which he answered. He told the caller where he was and help arrived shortly thereafter.

I’ve known John for more than 25 years and consider him one of my best friends. He sells used cars and I have bought at least a half dozen from him over the last 10 years. He has worked hard since getting into the business and he really knows his cars. But, I appreciate his friendship even more than his knowledge of automobiles.

Although the doctors have said his feet will need to be amputated next week, I’m praying for a miracle. I have seen and heard about God working in powerful ways and I am holding out hope for a miracle. I ask anyone reading this to please pray for John and his wife, Maureen, and their seventh-grade daughter, Renee. May God restore his feet and give him a full and speedy recovery.


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