A fabulous day in the woods

April 8, 2008

Faith Outdoors

It was back to the 60s weekend in Minnesota. No, not the 1960s, but 60-degree temperatures. We’ve all been waiting for spring warmth to bathe our frozen land and it finally arrived last week.

I took advantage of the heat wave to do some wild turkey scouting for upcoming hunts in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I took my Dad and two oldest boys out into the woods to scout some properties we had gained permission to hunt.

We had the privilege of spending a good chunk of time with one of the landowners, Leonard Beskar, who worked as a dairy farmer near Prescott, Wis. and is now retired. He has been plagued by numerous health problems over the years, including cancer and heart disease. In recent months, he finally has started feeling better.

When I called him last week, he said he wasn’t feeling so good and wasn’t sure he’d be able to go out to the woods with us and show us around his property. I prayed fervently for his health to improve because I wanted my Dad and boys to meet this good Christian and Catholic man.

I have been praying for him for years, feeling a special calling from God to do so. I mention him at the dinner table daily when we say grace. I also intercede for him every Tuesday during my hour of Eucharistic adoration. He has suffered much over the years and I believe he needs to have people praying for him continually.

I was thrilled that he felt good enough to go with us on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and the warmest in ’08 so far. He looked good as he walked the edge of his property with us and all of us were able to enjoy some good conversation with him. He knew a lot of the history of the area — and was part of that history.

He passed along lots of interesting tidbits about rural life and dairy farming in Wisconsin. I thank the Lord for the time we had with Leonard and he seemed to be doing better at the end of the day than he was at the beginning.

Here’s hoping and praying that Leonard will have many more days like this ahead!

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