Science to get attention at upcoming synod

March 7, 2011

Eye on Faith and Science

Science and technology will be among the topics addressed next year when the 2012 Synod of Bishops convenes at the Vatican.

The theme of the synod is “new evangelization” — an effort by the church to “forge new paths in responding to the changing circumstances and conditions facing the church in her call to proclaim and live the Gospel today,” according to a Catholic News Service story about the synod.

These new approaches are needed particularly in modern societies, which too often view science as having all the answers and which ignore or downplay the importance of religious faith. In the realm of science and technology, the synod outline notes:

“We are living at a moment when people still marvel at the wonders resulting from continual advances in scientific and technological research. All of us experience the benefits of this progress in our daily lives, benefits on which we are becoming increasingly dependent. As a result, science and technology are in danger of becoming today’s new idols. In a digitalized and globalized world, science can easily be considered a new religion, to which we turn with questions concerning truth and meaning, even though we know that the responses provided are only partial and not totally satisfying.”

The health and well-being of the human person depends on the ongoing search for truth by way of scientific discovery but also by way of our faith, which helps us understand the deeper realities and meanings behind the discoveries.

What do you think the bishops at the synod should talk about regarding science and technology? How can the “new evangelization” have a positive impact on this aspect of our lives?

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